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soooo i don't necessarily lurk, i promise! i sometimes don't know what to say. ^^;; currently i'm playing these games:

FFVII (currently trying to breed the best chocobo)
FFX (realized why i quit playing the first time... i hate blitzball)
FFXII (stuck on a boss. *le sigh*)
Rule of Rose (stuck towards the end... don't know where to go, bucket knight not giving me any clues. fucker.)

anyone else playing these? any tips on these games?
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  • 9 comments helps for when you get stuck.
thanks! i will def bookmark and use this often!!
Haha, i'm buying FFVII off a friend for $15 (cause I wrecked my pc edition >_>)

FFX was okay mostly (Tidus was emo, and the final boss was easy, I defeated him in five minutes) though I never won a Blitzball game. I had a all female team xD

Also, gamefaqs for the win. They're really good when you get stuck (every five minutes for me when I first played FFVII, which was also my first time playing a FF game)

I never bred the best chocobo (a shame, because I couldn't get to Vincent's Waterfall) though I did have a guide somewhere. If I dig it up i'll give you the link.
i'd have to say FFVII is my favorite so its well worth the buy. i actually borrowed mine from a friend (uncluding the mem card but that got lost.. woops!) he either took it and didn't tell me or forgot i even borrowed it because he hasn't mentioned it once so it's pretty much mine now haha

Deleted comment

i've already played the game so i'm just breeding for all the extra stuff in the game. i've currently been playing for almost 2 months. oy vei.
I'm not done with Rule of Rose either (the forced fights in that game is such a pain in the ass...)

I designated the first save slot in RoR as the starter save for the beginning of every stage. That way if I ever forget where I left off at least I can start over at that particular stage rather than starting all over again. What month are you in? Maybe I can help you get back on track.
i finally figured out where i'm at... i'm on "the funeral" level... i believe its like november? i'm not too sure... but currently i'm dying, i have no candy or biscuits or anything to heal me, i'm in the rear staircase of the mansion/orphanage where there are no baddies and every room i go in they are EVERYWHERE and once you kill one they just drop from the ceiling.

apparently i have to kill two mouse baddies, two pig baddies, and two goat baddies... but i have no health and i have no idea where to get any lollipops or minced pie. D: i'm trying to get into the middle outside area of the house where the only little girl who has ever been nice to me is at.
I avoid blitzball like the plague.....the only thing you really miss out on if you do so is not getting any of Wakka's Overdrive slots.....but oh well, who cares, you have everyone else's overdrives to make up for it. :)
ah, good. i'm not a fan of using wakka unless i'm fighting a flyer.