cold hearted kayla (the_skirt) wrote in supelitist,
cold hearted kayla

ps2 broke

i just bought a ps2 (a big one, not a slim) off of a customer - read: they sold it to my boss as opposed to trading it in to the store for credit (i work at gamestop) who sold it to me for $20 - which made me very happy because my ps2 was stolen a few months ago, along with most of my games. it seemed to be in pretty much perfect condition, too; no scratches, it wasn't even dirty. my boss said he tested it out and that it worked fine.

anyway, so i brought it home and discovered it doesn't work. at first i thought it was a disc read problem, until i realized that the system wasn't even trying to read the disc. it just pulls the tray back in and then sits there - doesn't spin or anything.

has anyone encountered a malfunction like this, and is there any simple way to fix it yourself? or, if not, how much do repairs usually run?

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